Acquire new clients

Our guidance, your success - without the legwork for you

B2B Sales Prospection

Jump straight to closing deals without the trouble of searching for leads.

Prospecting (or lead gen) is extremely time consuming. We take care of generating qualified leads so you don’t have to. Keep your sales team productive by concentrating on what’s most important: closing deals and hitting your sales targets. Our SDRs will help by:

VC Hunter

Get funding to grow your business by meeting up with the right VCs. 

Finding the right VC to fund your business requires meeting up with dozens of investors before landing the perfect one. Our systematic approach will help you meet up with VCs from around the globe to choose the best one to work with:

Recruitment Accelerator

Increase the recruitment capacity of your Talent Acquisition team without increasing its headcount! 

Hiring is a constant challenge for any growing company. When your company does not (yet) have the brand recognition of a company like Google or LinkedIn it must rely on reaching out to passive candidates to hire top talent. And that is time consuming. Build up a true competitive advantage by increasing sourcing at scale to significantly reduce your recruitment time. We will help: 

Prospect research

Identify the leads that convert into opportunities.

One of the secrets of effective prospecting is to start with high-quality accounts research and contacts research. Without a strategic research approach, your sales team will end up engaging with prospects that will not convert into an opportunity. Our researchers will help you: 

SDR management consulting

Optimize your sales team ROI by working with our sales coaches.

If you already have an SDR team or your sales leader is focused on working with the bottom of your sales funnel, our senior sales coaches can mentor or coach your SDRs. Our sales leaders will help you: